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Canine Massage

Hello and welcome to Hands-On K9s, where you can give your dog the gift of healing touch.


Canine Massage by Cheryl Cech, CCMT

I’d like to introduce you to Shadow, my 18-year-old Blue Heeler and the inspiration behind me becoming a certified canine massage therapist. Shadow is a working dog and is happiest when he is doing his job. Since we don’t have sheep, his job is keeping me safe and walking me twice a day to stay healthy.


I learned about holistic health for animals through a job with a Chinese Veterinary College and was fortunate to have my dogs participate in demonstrations. I am not a Veterinarian and cannot practice medicine, but I realized the benefits of holistic treatments and observed the use of touch as they worked with Shadow.


I started doing what I called puppy massage, "petting" him for relaxation, and Shadow responded well, his hypervigilant tendencies were calmed. I wondered if there was a way to insure I was not doing anything that could harm him. I searched and found teaching techniques for dog owners through a program at Abundant Life Massage Education, I took their class Learn to Massage Your Dog. That training made me confident to use the techniques I learned on my pack, and with the approval of my holistic Vet, Shadow benefited even more.


I noticed that he was starting to feel his age and was hesitating to jump into the car. At one of his Veterinary appointments the doctor indicated he was starting to develop some arthritic symptoms, and I inquired if massage would be indicated. She agreed it would be good for him, I knew from my first class that I wanted to learn more, and this confirmed my desire to get further training.


Abundant Life Massage Education has certification classes similar to human massage, we learned in-depth bones, muscles, their attachments and function, gate analysis, indications and counter indications for massage, and much more. Under the approval of your Veterinarian I can perform massage for Relaxation (Anxiety), Therapeutic (Rehabilitative), and Palliative (end-of-life) techniques to enhance your love and commitment to your Companion K9.

I love the working dog breeds, and like human athletes they are more prone to injury and benefit from pre and post work out activities. Agility, protection, service and K9s of all sizes and breeds can live happier healthier lives through massage.


I enjoy sharing my gift with rescue dogs at events and often volunteer to aide in relaxation and educate owners on the benefits of massage.



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