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Working Dogs

If you are training or have an active working dog, you know how strenuous their program is. Similar to humans your K9 uses muscular and skeletal systems during work-outs. The physical nature of their job and their tendency to "man-up" under stress can cause undetected and long-term injuries if not addressed. Many working breeds are also prone to a genetic predisposition for certain injuries of the legs and hips. Your love for your partner and investment in training should also include wellness therapy. Pre-and post-event massage can aide in warming muscles and passive stretching to prepare your K9 for the work ahead, don't forget about the cool down and the post-workout relaxation benefits to reduce stress and aide in health and wellbeing.


Stress and Anxiety

If you read my story, Shadow suffered from anxiety and what I call hypervigilant tendencies. Your Veterinarian may diagnose a similar condition, mine prescribed medication that helped calm him down when I was traveling, but I didn't want him to have to live on pills. I found a combination of behavior training, calming massage, and the Vet prescribed herbs to help him to manage the stress better. Now he even comes and asks for a puppy massage when he's feeling stressed. It has saved me countless nights of pacing and scratching to alleviate his anxiety. I appreciate the Veterinarian providing alternatives to treat him naturally, because I prefer to help him enjoy life more without the groggy side effects of medication.

Pampered Pets

Many pet Guardians just love to give their dogs the highest quality of care they can. If you value the benefits of holistic wellness, we are on the same page. My love for my 4 legged kids has led me to search for a healthier lifestyle. I have found a holistic veterinarian that uses herbs and acupuncture as well as Western medicine when needed. I value the knowledge and talents of the Veterinarian field. Not being a doctor of medicine myself I rely on them to diagnose and advise natural remedies whenever possible. One of the reasons I pursued the field of K9 Massage was to minister to my K9 Companions, and would love an opportunity to work with yours.


There are multiple injuries and some diseases that can benefit from therapeutic massage. If your K9 Companion has been diagnosed with an injury, some surgeries, or other de-mobilizing condition, massage can help by aiding the body to heal. In cases of a diagnosis, it is important to create a relationship with your Veterinarian and Massage Therapist. Similar to human massage prescribed by a physician, the Veterinarian can work with the Massage Therapist to establish a treatment plan that could aide in the best medical outcome and monitor your K9 Companion in the healing process.

Aging and Palliative

As your dog ages keeping joints, tendons, and ligaments limber with massage and passive stretching can ease them into old age with less pain and more comfort. At the direction of your veterinarian, the effects of some illnesses and injuries can be softened and soothing massage can reduce the pain and stress your dog may be experiencing. None of us want to think about the declining years, but what better way to help them ease into old age or rest through debilitating illness, than the soothing and relaxing touch of massage.

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