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Get K9 Fit

Enhance your relationship and learn life lessons with your dog 

We work with trainers and owners to build strong relationships. There are so many opinions and styles in dog training and so many different personalities of dogs and owners. As part of my journey to Massage education I took a knowledge level of learning course to enhance my ability to understand and work with dogs. These fundamentals can be used assist in teaching proper manners to your dog.

Our clients vary from casual dog owners that want a pet to share their space with basic manners -  to dogs that will share every aspect of their life - to working dogs that compete, serve, and/or protect . That is why we start with a basic consultation to find out exactly what type of relationship you want to build  for - the perfect fit. 

The unique combination of obedience, life skills and hands on massage has proven to be a winning combination to build the bond focused on transferring skills from trainer to handler or owner. Let's start your journey today.


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Meet Joy

Very excited hunting dog / learning place command

Joy was rescued at around 7 months of age. She needed basic manners like not jumping into peoples cars (literally). We worked on impulse control with targeted places where she would learn a safe distance. Teaching impulse control, even when her best friend came to play. Joy's owners are very dedicated and worked on her lessons each week to build on what she learned.

She also needed some inside manners and although she did well with basic door work, she still had difficulty harnessing her excitement. To help her succeed at greeting visitors we worked on her place command. We did a relaxation massage on her pillow followed by obedience to - go to pillow. Nnow whenever the door opens Joy goes to her pillow, it's a calm safe place where visitor can choose to greet her. 

And when she plays too hard with her best friend and her hips are sore we do a therapeutic massage to keep her in top shape.


Meet Kino

Waiting for his forever home

Kino was purchased from Blackhorse Bulldogs by a wonderful family in St. Lucia. Typically puppies are transported when they are much younger. Kino was almost a year old when the importation process was finally completed. Now at almost 70 pounds he needed to be able to fly with a passenger.  

I was very fortunate his breeder had been working with basic obedience since he was very young, but he had never been off of the farm. I used massage for relaxation and added socialization and situational training to meet the rigorous requirements to get through airport security. We worked at local businesses to simulate tight spaces filled with people and Kino did an amazing job accompanying me to his new home, the view was lovely too.


Now he's living the island life with a wonderful family and a boy that will love him forever. Oh, maybe we will need an update visit sometime soon.


Meet Ziva

Puppies are the best

I've been working with my own dogs for decades and learning and becoming educated in the things of dogs. You've met Shadow the inspiration for me to become a certified canine massage therapist. Well as he is aging I wanted the opportunity to transfer some of that awesomeness to a new puppy. Enter Ziva - although rescuing the previous generations was rewarding I wanted to hone my education with a puppy of my own. What an incredible experience... she came out of the gate learning - watch the video to see how much she loves to play the game.

One of the best things I have ever done was to learn more about development and how dogs respond to early education. Ziva "worked" for her food every day and loved performing. From crate training for potty success and learning the safety of the sit, stay, come, down and place commands - she was a rock star. This foundation will continue to serve us well as we take on life adventures. 

​Endless Possibilities

Health, wellness and good manners for a dog that fits your lifestyle - start today
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