Learn the basics of canine massage

Are you like me? I desired to learn how to massage my own dogs and help them obtain better health and mobility. If you've read my story you already know Shadow was my inspiration. Who has inspired you to be a better pet parent? Animal lovers share similar stories, maybe it is an illness, injury, or just the companionship of your furbaby that inspires you. 

Hands-On K9s offers seminars and hands-on clinics to learn the basics of canine massage. These courses will help you learn more about techniques you can use to build a stronger bond with your dog, prepare for events, or help ease the pain and discomfort of aging, illness or injury. Seminars are scheduled periodically in the Gainesville FL area with one full day of educational training and an additional day for Hands-on clinic appointments. Pricing is tiered to your desired outcome. Starting at  $25 for the Benefits of Massage Introduction and if you desire to learn more we will credit the $25 towards the Massage My Dog and Hands-on Clinic.

Benefits of Massage is a 2 hour introduction to massage with an overview of various massage techniques and application for treatment. Intended for those who may want to explore massage for their dogs.

Massage My Dog is an additional 6 hour educational seminar that covers basic anatomy, types of massage strokes and application, a demonstration of a relaxation massage, and is required for the hands-on clinic. Intended for those who are interested in learning how to pet with a purpose.

Hands-on Clinic is available after completing the Massage my Dog educational course. This one-on-one session is usually done by appointment during the second day. This one hour individualized session reviews what you learned and is focused on your specific outcome. You will apply your learnings from Massage My Dog to perform either a relaxation or sport massage (more furbabys can be scheduled for an additional charge).

Personalized Session is a review of your veterinary diagnosis and assessment of one dog to determine a massage protocol to benefit a specific condition. (This offering is designed to demonstrate how a certified massage therapist may assist in your dog's healing and not necessarily intended for an owner to perform massage). Personalized Sessions do not require an educational session and are available by appointment.



Benefits of Massage Introduction - $25 (can be credited toward completing full course)

Massage My Dog - educational seminar only $125 

Hands-on Clinic - add on to seminar $100 per person / dog 

Full course paid in advance - $195 per person / dog

Personalized Session - Starting at $55 with credit for taking Benefits of Massage (regularly $80)

* Electronic payment processing fees may apply. Additional charges for printed materials (all materials are copyrighted and may not be reproduced) 

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